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We are proud to be a locally owned and operated family run business. All of our work is done in-house (right here in Billings, Montana) and, unlike many web development companies these days, we NEVER outsource any of our work to overseas companies. Our hand on approach not only strengthens our local economy, but it is helps us to maintain a level of involvement and pride in our work that other companies which outsource their jobs to Pakistan or other offshore companies simply can't match.

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Whether you are looking for a basic personal Web site or a more comprehensive site for your Billings, Montana business, Darsow Web Design can meet your professional website design needs without breaking the bank. My many years of computer experience have resulted in a unique method of Web site development which results in Web pages which have a tendancy to naturally rank higher in search engine placement than other sites targeting the same keywords and phrases. I call my method "Optimized by Design" because it consistently results in higher search engine placement than the competition--even when they are spending huge amounts of money on SEO campaigns!

Unlike most developers who see Web site optimization as a secondary goal to be dealt with after the site is built, I have developed a combination of coding and design practices which work together to give my pages an edge on the competition and save my customers substantial costs. My sites are not only guaranteed to make you happy, but they are effective and affordable too.

All of my sites are completely hand coded to ensure that they are 100 percent W3C compliant and that they will display properly in all browsers. I take great pride in the clean well written html, css, php, and/or JavaScript code that is found behind each and every site that I build, and refuse to use "short-cuts" which sacrifice quality for quantity. I guarantee that when your site is built by Darsow Web Design, you are getting the absolute best quality website possible.

I also offer virus removal, computer repair, custom built PCs, and other computer related services. My custom built computers are designed to meet customer needs and I provide software installation and support for both Windows and Linux machines. Looking for a new computer? Ask me why custom built machines are almost always a much better value than pre-packaged machines from the store.

Affordable Billings, Montana Web Design & Computer Services:

Darsow Web Design offers Billings, Montana and the surrounding area a wide range of competitively priced services ranging from basic image editing to complete e-commerce solutions for any size business. If affordable website design is what you are looking for, you have come to the right place. While it is true that you usually get what you pay for, quality website design and computer repairs do not have to be rediculously priced. I also repair computers and build custom computers ranging from bare bones bargain systems to over-clocked gaming monsters. Specializing in professional eye catching website designs which are also search engine friendly and make it easier for people to find your site, I offer a complete array of web design services. Whether you are simply looking for an informational site (used where your business is not selling products from the web), a more dynamic database driven site, a content management system which allows you to quickly and easily change the content on your own site whenever you wish, or a full on e-commerce solution, Darsow Web Design has the knowledge and experience to help you take your Montana business to the next level on the web.

Some of our most popular services include:

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You have probably seen it. Some idiot designs a site (either purposely or otherwise) in such a way that it only works with a particular browser such as Internet Explorer. Then, rather than fixing the problem, they are so bold as to proudly announce to the world on the page something like "This site best viewed in Internet Explorer" or "This site designed to be viewed at a resolution of 1024x768." Such practices are a pet peeve of mine and usually dramatically reduce the potential audience of the sites using them. Even if 90% of your target audience will have the "required" browser or screen resolution to view the site, is it worth it to effectively tell the other 10% they are not welcome?

Suppose you paid a large sum of money for a television advertising campaign. Would you be happy if the advertising company told you that your ad would only be viewable by people who own a 35 inch Sony flat screen television? I doubt it. Don't let your web developer do that either. Web pages can and should be viewable by everyone.

Although I design my pages to work in any browser, many people do not. Because of this, I strongly recommend using Firefox for a Web browser; not only is it 100% W3C compliant (that means it always displays pages correctly according to universally accepted standards), but it is easily customized, less prone to being a security threat than Internet Explorer, and (best of all) it is completely free.

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