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Don't roll the dice with those other guys! Web developers, for the most part, seem to come in your choice of two varieties. There is the huge corporate design firms who are either simply way overpriced and out of reach for most peoples budget or they outsource their work to overseas developers and are really nothing more than brokers with no actual involvement in the process. The other big category is the "do it yourselfer" variety who happens to have figured out (or at least they think they have) how to do a few things with Dreamweaver or (God forbid) Frontpage. With either of these varieties, chances are pretty good that the person designing your site either has no clue how to design your site for optimal search engine placement or they simply do not care.

I am a bit of a rare breed so to speak, in that I do not fit into either of these categories. Although I am largely self taught, I have been learning for many years and continue to learn on a daily basis. I have become very proficient in the following web programming languages:

I code everything by hand, directly in code, from a text editor. This has not only allowed me to become much more familiar with the code than coders who rely on a WYSIWYG environment where a program writes the code for you, but it gives me complete control over every aspect of the project which leads to leaner and cleaner code which is "optimized by Design" to make the search engines rank my sites higher.

This same level of attention to detail goes into each and every computer repair, virus removal, and custom pc build I do. My theory is that I have to put my name on everything I do. As such, I always go the extra mile. With most companies you get what you pay for (HOPEFULLY), with darsow Web Design...you always get more.

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