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Deleted File Recovery service from Darsow Web Design in Billings, MT

deleted file recovery

Accidentally deleted files from your hard drive, USB thumb drive, camera card, or other media? Relax. Darsow Web Design has the tools, knowledge, and experience to safely and quickly recover your valuable data even in most cases where you think it is gone forever. I regularly recover a wide variety of deleted data including photos, music, documents, spreadsheets, and other data which have been deleted on accident or otherwise lost from camera cards, hard drives, and other media.

How is it possible to recover deleted files?

In layman's terms, when files are deleted from a computer (or similar device) they are not actually deleted. Rather the "index" entries to them are removed and the system is told that the space they occupied may be used for writing other data to. In other words, rather than being destroyed, the data is simply ignored and hidden (at least for a while!).

Using special tools which are able to read the data at a lower level in the file system we are able to often able to recover all (or at least most of)the files which have been deleted. The key to successful data recovery lies in starting the recovery process as soon as possible after the files have been lost. The longer you wait the greater the chance that the sectors containing your pictures or other files will be over-written which reduces the possibility of complete recovery.

For example, lets say you have just deleted a few hundred phots from your camera card only to then realize that you forgot to copy them to your computer first. If you get the card to me before you take any additional pictures on it I can guarantee to about a 99.99% chance certainty that I will be able to successfully recover every single one of them. If, on the other hand, you take more pictures before you realize what happened I will still most likely be able to recover some of the missing images, but maybe not all.

How much does data recovery cost?

Data recovery from darsow Web Design in Billings, MT probably costs less than you would expect. Large data recovery firms (in places like New York) often charge several thousand dollars --even if they are unsuccessful! I think that is rediculous. My data recovery fees start at only $45.00 and in the even that I am unable to recover any data I don't charge anything. I simply don't think it is fair to charge someone for something you are unable to do.

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