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What type of web site is best for your business?

A web site is a very important tool for your business. Not only does it give your customers a quick and easy means of getting the information they need, but it gives you the power to deliver advertising more effectively than any other medium. In many cases a website can be a vital part of your lead and revenue stream or even be your primary business platform eliminating the huge overhead costs of a traditional brick & mortar business.

Today's sites are very powerful and flexible business tools. They range from the insanely simple to extremely complex and can be and do just about anything that you can imagine. So which type of site is best for you?

I will give you some of the basic information you will need to make that decision here and, during our initial consultation, will explain things in more detail to help you decide on a site that meets your needs and fits perfectly into your budget.

Website Types

Static html Sites

These are the simplest and least expensive to build. Although they can look as fancy as the others they are limited in what they can do. These types of sites work best for smaller sites where modifications are infrequent and no user interaction is required. If you are looking to simply publish your contact information and some basics about your business at a minimal cost, this is probably the place to start.
Static html sites start at only $500.00

Dynamic Database Driven Sites

These are our specialty. Coded in PHP and MySQL they are very powerful. The combination of advanced coding technologies allows for such things as content rotation (useful for promotions and other changing content), user interaction, customer or employee login, and many other things.
Dynamic Database Driven sites start at only $950.00

Content management Systems

An extension of the Dynamc Database Drive Site, these also utilize PHP and MySQL technologies. CMS sites have all the features of a database driven site with the addition of a CMS system. The Content Management System is has a backend administration section with a secure login feature. This backend allows the site owner to log in and modify (add, edit, or delete) the sites content with little or no knowledge of html or other code.

My CMS sites are custom built to your specific needs and, unlike Joomla, Drupal, or WordPress, utilize my "Optimized by Design" features to boost your natural search engine rankings on Google and other search engines. These are our flagship sites and if your site needs frequent editing will save you both time and money in the long run.
Custom CMS sites start at only $1500.00

E-commerce Sites

Need to sell products and collect payment directly from your site? Then this is the option for you. E-commerce sites have all of the features of a Dynamic Database Driven Site as well as a Content Management System with the addition of the ability to display products and process orders.
Custom E-commerce sites start at only $2500.00

Flash Sites

Coded in Adobe Flash, these sites offer a lot of sizzle and pizazz. Often called Flashy sites, they look very impressive indeed. If your biggest concen is the WOW Effect then this may be something to consider. Be warned though, unlike other types of sites these are mor difficult to get to rank high in Google as they are essentiall a movie and most of what you see is completely unrecognizable by search engines.

There are a few techniques which help in this regard, but chances are a Flash site will need some additional SEO as the "Optimized by Design" techniques simply aren't available. But, if money is no object and you want to wow you customers with Flash perhaps this is the chioce for you.
Flash sites start at only $3200.00

Hosting & Domain Name Registration

Darsow Web Design also offers a variety of extremely robust and affordable hosting options. All hosting options include UNLIMITED bandwith for you files as well as email. For complete details on our hosting packages take a look at our Web Hosting page.

Domain name registration is always billed at our cost which is currently only $12.00 per year.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

SEO services are included with all of our web design projects. In fact, the proprietary "Optimized by Design" which I have developed over the years and utilize in every site help assure that your site always ranks well for your industry.

Have a site designed by someone else which is in need of some SEO services? Let me give you a bid and some options on getting your site to the top of Google. Pricing is dependant on the specific needs of your site, but a free analysis and consultation from Darsow Web Design may just be the best business decision you have ever made!

Call for a Free Consultation

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No matter what type of site you choose, it will be completely coded by hand with an attention to detail that is unsurpassed in the industry. Utilizing many techniques I have developed over the years your site will be "Optimized by Design" and in most cases will out rank your competition without the use of pay-per-click advertising or other SEO expenses.

Pricing varies depending on the needs of each client. In order to get an accurate bid please call today to schedule a free no obligation consultation. After meeting with you to discuss your nedds and the possible ways to meet them you will get a detailed and accurate bid on the costs and time involved for your project.

Our pricing is extremely competitive and (unlike much of the competition) we NEVER outsource any of our work to offshore developers in Pakistan, Malaysia, or elsewhere. Our site are guaranteed to be Made in Montana!

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