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Dave Darsow - Billings Computer Repair Technician

Are Virus infections or other computer problems keeping you from using your computer? No worries, we offer fast computer repairs for any problems you might be experiencing and have very affordable rates to get you back up and running without costing you an arm and a leg. Whether you have a virus, hardware issues, or are simply wanting to tune up or upgrade your system, we can get going quickly and inexpensively.

We are locally owned and operated right here in Billings, MT without all the hassles and high pressure sales that you find at those national chains or big box store alternatives (don't even consider letting the neighbor kid attempt to fix it!). Even better, I have 30 years of experience working on computers which means I have both the knowledge and the tools to fix your computer right the first time. I am a Dell DCSE Certified technician, but work on any and all brands of desktop, laptop, and even server computers.

Low Pricing - Professional Service

At only $55 per hour at the shop and $65 per hour onsite, my rates are extremely affordable. I offer top quality professional service and absolutely guarantee customer satisfaction. I fix your computer right the first time. If I can't fix it, then you don't pay a cent.

I wrote my first computer program way back in 1981. Granted, it was only a simple DOS program written in BASIC--but, I got the itch and have been a bonified cmputer geek ever since. Not only do I have many years of experience with all types of computers and software, I am also a Dell DCSE Certified technician which means I am up on all of the latest technology and completely qualified to repair any and all types of issues with both desktop and laptop computers. Don't trust your PC and al of your valuable photos and other data to just anyone. Call Dave the Computer Guy today for fast friendy and affordable professional grade service in Billings and the surrounding areas.

Virus Removal

Is your computer infected with a virus? No worries, I have years of experience in virus removal and will get your pc back up and running in no time. In fact, I can usually make your computer run better than when it was new! I tweak and tune every desktop or laptop computer that I work on to make it run as fast and efficiently as possible. There is no extra charge for this service, it is just my way of making sure that every customer gets the best service possible.

Worried about losing files? No need to worry. Unlike many of the "other guys" I don't make a habit of just deleting everything and re-formatting your computer to fix it. I simply fix the problems right. If someone told you you need to completely reformat your computer to get it fixed, chances are they simply do not know what they are doing. Although this is occasionally necessary, 99% of the time your computer can be fixed without such drastic measures.

In the rare event that re-installing the operating system is needed, I can safely recover and backup all your personal files before doing so. Chances are there is no need for formatting and re-installing Windows though.

Types of viruses and malware I commonly remove include:

I will remove all types of maliscous software from your system and help you increase your security to minimize the threat of future infections. In most cases your computer can be cleaned of viruses or malware without having to reformat and re-install the operating system. Even if extreme measures are needed and Windows needs to be re-installed, your personal files will be completely backed up first. Either way, I can repair your computer without losing your valuable data.

Virus Protection

The need for protection from maliscous software (viruses and other threats) is greater than ever. With identity theft on the rise malware infections are at an all-time high and the threat posed by them is greater than ever. Don't go unprotected, it is simply not worth the risk.

So what type of protection is best? To some extent that depends on the type of computer you use and what you do with it. As part of every service call I will analyze your security needs and balance that against the power of your computer to suggest the best security option for you. How much does the protection cost? Nothing. Thats right, zero. The best protection programs available are free and I will install and configure them for you during the service call.

In addition to anti-virus programs and other software based security measures, the user of the computer often needs a fewpointers on what sorts of activities and computer habits are high risk. I will help you make sure you stay as safe from future infection as possible. Want complete immunity to viruses and malware threats? Ask me about Linux.

PC Hardware Diagnosis & Repair

Hardware issues? No problem. I can quickly and accurately diagnose any hardware related issues and replace the needed computer parts in a fast and affordable manner to get you back up and running like new. Typical hardware issues might include problems with:

Looking to upgrade your PC to get even more performance out of it and increase productivity or be able to play games or run other intensive software more efficiently? I can do any and all upgrades as well and have many parts in stock.

Custom Built Computers

Need a Custom built computer? I build custom computers designed for a variety of applications from rock solid business machines to high powered gaming and graphics monsters. Custom built computers have many advantages over store bought machines. They are custom tailored to your specific computing needs and don't come with all the advertisements and other garbage found on bulk produced commercial machines.

Each PC is custom designed to your specifications or, for the less technically savvy, designed to perform the tasks you need. All of my custom computers are built using high quality components and are fully upgrageable for years to come. Pricing is bid on a per job basis and varies widely, please call for more details and a written bid.

Ubuntu Linux - Yes, there are better alternatives to Windows!

Tired of slow boot times and fighting viruses or other malware? Kick the Windows habit and learn to enjoy the freedom and productivity that only a Linux operating system can offer.

Made on Ubuntu linux

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