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Pricing Information

Due to the extremely wide range of possibilities with website design and other computer services, most jobs are billed on an hourly basis. This page is intended as a general guide to help clients understand our billing and get a general idea of what sort of costs to expect for various services. My hourly rate ranges from $55.00 to $85.00 per hour (depending on the complexity of the service) and is almost always lower than the competition in Billings, Montana. Other companies offering similar services in the Billings, Montana area charge an average of $75.00 to $90.00 (and as much as $200.00) per hour for similar and often less comprehensive services!

Not only does Darsow Web Design offer the most affordable website design and computer repair services in Billings, MT, we go a step further and guarantee to provide you with a speedy and satisfying experience. Not sure what to do with that old computer? Let us recycle it for you at no charge! Some repairable computers will be donated to local underprivileged families or schools as needed.

Web Design:

The cost of building a website can vary greatly depending on the clients needs. While a site consisting of a few static html pages might come in at less than $400, chances are that you want more than that. With the advent of Web2.0 and the widespread use of database driven sites which deliver dynamic content on demand, the sky is literally the limit on both possibilities and development costs. I am providing a menu of hourly rates for website design services, but to get an accurate estimate on your specific project I ask that you please contact me for a no cost consultation so that I can provide you with a more accurate estimate.

Darsow Web Design offers the finest professional website design services in Billings, MT at the most affordable rates - guaranteed! We specialize in building dynamic solutions which allow you to easily change the content at will with no knowledge of website design or coding needed. With a dynamic database driven site from Darsow Web Design, you can add or edit content on your website as easy as typing an email or filling out a form. Let us handle the advanced coding and have more time to concentrate on running your Billings, Montana business.

Hourly rates for Website Design:

Basic HTML coding $55.00 per hour
Basic CSS coding $55.00 per hour
Advanced CSS coding $65.00 per hour
PHP coding $65.00 per hour
MySQL Database Design $65.00 per hour
Web Optimized Graphics Design $65.00 per hour
Web Optimize Supplied Images $55.00 per hour

Graphic Design:

Graphic design includes everything from producing "camera-ready" copy for your print project to designing a new vector graphic based logo to enhance your company's image. I am regularly called upon to design print materials such as: business cards, promotional brochures, sale flyers, and posters, as well as digital artwork including: website header and advertising banners (both static and animated), company logos, eye-catching website layouts, and even desktop wallpapers or icons.

Like website design, graphic art is difficult to price generically and requires a consultation to get an accurate estimate. Most graphic art work is based on an hourly rate of $65.00 and there is typically a minimum charge of one hour for this type of work. Animations, 3D artwork, or complex vector graphics can easily be in the 6 to 8 hour range.

Digital Image Enhancement:

In addition to professional graphic design work, Darsow Web Design also provides digital image enhancement services to business and residential customers in Billings, Montana. This type of image manipulation encompasses a wide range of tasks, some of the more popular ones include: image enlargements, color corrections, removal of blemishes, file format conversion, and digital watermarking.

Graphic Design & Image enhancement services are billed at:

Page Layout Design for Print $65.00 per hour
Basic Graphic Design $65.00 per hour
Vector Graphics / Logos $75.00 per hour
3D Graphic Design $85.00 per hour
Animation $85.00 per hour
Image Color Correction $55.00 per hour
File Format Conversion $55.00 per hour
Image Blemish Removal $65.00 per hour
Digital Watermarks $65.00 per hour

Flash / GIF Animation:

Although we believe that overuse of animations on a website is both distracting and tacky, it does have some very useful applications. We offer professional web animation programming in both Flash and animated .gif formats. Some of the more common uses of such animations include banner advertisements and navigation menus, but anything is possible. As I often tell clients - If you can imagine it, I can build it.

Hourly rates for Animation:

Animated .GIF Files $65.00 per hour
Flash Animation $75.00 per hour
Interactive Flash $85.00 per hour

Spreadsheet / Database Design:

The inability to efficiently sort & track data can be frustrating, time consuming, and expensive. This is true at home and usually even more pronounced at the office. In order to help Billings, Montana get more organized, Darsow Web Design offers custom designed spreadsheets and database applications to organize and crunch just about any type of data imaginable. Need to keep tabs of your stamp collection? Want to more effectively track your ebay sales? Looking for a website that delivers exactly the content your visitors are looking for? A custom spreadsheet or database application may be just the ticket.

Hourly rates for Spreadsheet / Database Design:

Basic Spreadsheet Design $55.00 per hour
Advanced Spreadsheet Design $65.00 per hour
Relational Database Design $85.00 per hour

Web Site Promotion & SEO Services:

If your Billings, MT business already has a website but you are simply not happy with the amount of traffic you are getting or your Google search rankings, I can analyze the code on your site and recommend a course of action to help you attain your business' goals. If your site is not showing up on the first page of Google for relevant search terms then certainly there is room for improvement. Depending on the cause of the problem, you might just need a bit of tweaking of the code rather than a completely new site. AS always, the initial consultation is free. If we decide to do an in-depth analysis of your existing website then the cost is $55.00 per hour and could take anywhere from 3 to 12 hours depending on the complexity of your site. Take your Billings, Montana business to the next level by making sure your customers can find you on the web. Of course, if your site is "optimized by design" you will not need this service!

Hourly rates SEO Services:

Site Analysis $55.00 per hour
HTML Coding $55.00 per hour
CSS Coding $55.00 per hour

Custom Built Computers:

If you are looking for the most bang for your buck, or a cutting edge machine capable of performing a specific task as efficiently as possible, then a custom built computer is what you need. Designed and built right here in Billings, Montana to meet your specific needs, a custom built computer will outperform and outlast anything that you can buy at those big box stores. Using only the best components, my custom built computers are designed to be at the cutting edge today and remain upgradable for the future.

Although the cost of a custom computer can vary widely, it will generally be faster and more efficient than anything you can get from the store and be anywhere from 20 TO 50 percent less expensive than the most comparable machine available. Although I recommend that everyone have a custom built computer, some of the situations which make them all the more sensible include:

Virus Removal:

If you use a computer with Microsoft Windows as the operating system, it is not a question of IF you will get infected with a virus so much as a question of WHEN. This is just as true in Billings, MT as it is in New York City or anywhere else for that matter. The simple fact of the matter is: If you have a Windows based machine connected to the internet you will get a virus. period. When you do get infected though you can always give me a call and let me rid your computer of the virus and get you up and running smoothly again. In most cases I can simply remove the virus(es) from your machine and you can pick back up where you left off. In more extreme cases it may be necessary to wipe the hard drive and reinstall, but this is usually not the case. In fact, I can most often even get unbootable machines back on-line without having to reinstall!

Got computer virus trouble in Billings, Montana? call Darsow Web Design and get it fixed today!

Virus Repair rates:

Virus Removal $55.00 per hour (in shop)
Format & Reinstall $55.00 per hour (in shop)
Data Backup $55.00 per hour
Lost Data Recovery $85.00 per hour

Files & Settings Transfer:

Eventually we all need a new computer. If you own a business it might be a whole bunch of computers! In any case chances are that you have some important files and settings on your old computer that you will be needing on the new one. Why risk transferring your important data yourself and taking a chance on losing it in the process? Do the smart thing and call in a professional to make absolutely sure that everything you needs gets moved over correctly on the first try. If you live in Billings, Montana and are getting a new computer (or even a whole office full of them) give me a call and lets get those important files and settings transferred over quickly and safely.

Data Transfer rates:

Transfer Files / Settings $55.00 per hour
Lost data Recovery $85.00 per hour

Billings Computer Repair & Upgrades:

If your computer is running noticeably slower than usual or even if it refuses to boot up, all may not be lost. I have been building and repairing computers for close to 20 years and can often repair a misbehaving PC for a mere fraction of the cost of replacing it. I will come to your Billings home or business and thoroughly check out your PC to determine if the problem is an actual hardware failure (broken part) or simply a software issue. In either case I can diagnose the problem quickly and efficiently and then provide you with a detailed estimate on the cost of repairing the computer or performing other needed measures to get you back up and running. Simply looking to add more memory, make your machine faster, or add some other new component? No problem. I can look at the computer and recommend the hardware or software solution to improve the performance for you.

Repair & Upgrade Rates:

Diagnosis & Estimate of Repairs $55.00 per hour (in shop)
Replacement of Parts $55.00 per hour
Tweak Software Settings $55.00 per hour

Deleted File Recovery:

Young children, Monday morning, Friday afternoon, lack of sleep, clicking before you read...what do these all have in common? They are frequent causes of lost data from computers around Billings, MT and indeed throughout the world!

So...what does one do when disaster strikes and someone accidentally deletes those irreplaceable photos or important electronic documents from your computer? Call in an expert of course! (the sooner the better to maximize the chance of recovery). In most cases I am able to recover files deleted from a computers hard drive. If I can get to the machine before it is rebooted and before too many other files have been created the recovery rate is close to 100%! Even if you have done something really off the wall though like formatting the hard drive or even installing a new operating system there is still a chance of getting at least some of that important data back.

Using some of the same advanced software and techniques as those used by the CIA and other government and law enforcement agencies around the world, I am almost always able to recover data that would otherwise be gone for good. Missing data in Billings, MT? Let me have a crack at it and you will most likely be pleasantly surprised and relieved!

Emergency Data Recovery:

Lost data Recovery $85.00 per hour

Install & Configure Linux:

Finally fed up with the poorly performing Windows operating system? Tired of having to worry about virus infections and other security related issues? Tired of having to pay lots of money for something that doesn't work? Perhaps it is time to make the switch to Linux and see how the other side lives. Like most true computer geeks, I use and highly recommend Linux. If you are ready to make the switch I can install, configure, and get you up to speed on using it. I guarantee you will be pleased.

So what exactly is Linux? Linux is a free open source (FOSS) operating system which is developed and maintained by a huge group of developers throughout the world. It is based on a philosophy that computers and information should be freely available to all and designed from the very lowest levels with security in mind. Linux comes in a wide range of forms )called distributions) and the one I use and most often recommend is Ubuntu Linux.

Some of the advantages of using Linux include:

Curious to learn more about Ubuntu or other Linux distributions? Wondering if perhaps Linux is right for your home or business computers? Feel free to contact me to discuss the possibilities. Some interesting facts about Linux include: It is what Google uses, it is what powers the new Droid cell phones, it is what the majority of sites on the web are hosted on, it is the choice of Wall Street, it powers more than 87% of the worlds top 500 super-computers, Dreamworks (creators of Shrek) uses it.

Cost of Moving to Linux:

Software FREE
Updates FREE
Initial Consultation FREE
Install & Configure $55 per hour
Training $55-$65 per hour

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Average Pricing:

Many of our inquiries are about what does it cost to do X. The answer is, it depends... If you are interested incomputer repair then you should know that most probelms are fixed in only 1 or 2 hours and, only rarely, do we ever charge more than 3 hours on a job. For website design, the area is much greyer depending on your needs. We buile websites ranging from only $900 up to the $10,000 range, but most commercial sites fall in at or under the $2500 mark. In every case, we beat the competition on both end price and quality. Need references? We have some of the best known names in Billings to give you. Oh, did we mention that ALL work is done in-house righ here in Billings, MT with NO OUTSOURCING? - I dare the competition to guarantee that! Suport your local econmy. and call us today. You'll be glad you did.

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