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A professionally designed website is an absolute MUST for businesses these days. Customers now use the Internet much more often than even the phone book when it comes time to seek out the products and services they are in need of. Darsow Web Design, a Billings based company, is here to provide affordable, fast, and effective solutions to both residential and business customers in and around Billings, MT. Don't be fooled by other web design companies who charge extra to amke your site search engine friendly. I build sites right the first time and do it in such a way that they are "optimized by design" and rank higher than the competition in Google and other search engines with additional cost. While a good looking site is certainly important, it is what is found "under the hood" which really makes a difference on how many people find and view your site.

In addition to professional website design, I also provide a complete array of computer repair and upgrade services in Billings, MT. Whether you simply need to safely and quickly migrate your files and settings to a new computer or have a more serious problem such a lost data or a virus, Darsow Web Design can handle the task in or around Billings, Montana. Hardware repairs? Computer upgrades? Custom built computers? Networking? We do that too! Whatever your computer needs might be, Darsow Web Design is the smart choice in the Billings area and beyond.

Web page design

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Web page design is a personal passion of mine and I take great pride in the fact that all of my HTML and CSS is hand coded. Many of the techniques I use were developed through trial and error (admittedly heavy on the error in the beginning) and continue to evolve based on current trends with both coding standards and what makes the search engines happy.

Web design is a combination of art and science. It is something that one must continually practice if they intend to remain good at it. This is particularly true in regards to what I call the "Google Factor." When designing a Web site, it is very important to remember that what human eyes see when they look at the display on the screen and what Google and other search engines "see" when they crawl a site for indexing are vastly different. In order for a site to be designed well, both views must be taken into consideration.

Consistancy throughout a site is also important and someone browsing your site should never wonder if a link has taken them to another site when in fact it has not. Not only is this a pet peeve of mine, but it is extremely tacky and will be disasterous to conversion rates if you are trying to sell something. Because your competitors are literally only the click of a mouse away, it is imperitive to make navigating your site as effortless and enjoyable as possible.

To help maintain consistancy across larger sites, I use and recommend PHP to deliver dynamically created content while assuring that all pages keep the same consistant look and feel. With the combination of CSS and PHP, you can be certain that your visitors will never have any doubt about whether or not they are still on your website!

I can build anything you can imagine and all sites are designed based on customer input. During the design process we will discuss such things as color combinations, layout, placement of graphics, and things like the use of "flash" animation. It is important that the customer understands how each of these can effect a site and is able to make an informed decision before the project begins. Each situation is somewhat different and what works for one site could be disasterous to another.

Dynamic Websites & Content Management Systems (CMS):

Most of the sites I build are dynamic in nature and have content which is pulled from a database and displayed on demand according to the users request. This type of website, although somewhat more expensive to set up at first, allows your site to be adaptive to the needs and requests of those visiting it. Additionally, it allows you to utilize a Content management System to add or update content in the database as often as you choose. This type of site features an administration area which gives you complete control over the site and requires little or no technical knowledge on your part. Looking to take your Billings, MT business site to the next level? Ask me how a dynamic database driven site can benefit you today.

Graphic Design

Even if you do not have a Web site, every business has a need for graphic design services for such things as logo graphics and advertising copy if nothing else. My graphic design services include: poster design, flyer design (including double sided & tri-fold designs), logo design, and more. I offer layout design for print publications as well as photo manipulation and vector graphics design services.


The simple animated effect above is done with Flash. This is a very basic example of what Flash can do.

Flash allows for the creation of and endless variety of effects and animated graphic displays. It can even be interactive and has been used for everything from simple animated buttons to animated headers and even entire sites done completely in Flash. As cool as Flash can be, it is often overdone and can have an undesirable impact on your search engine standings if used incorrectly.

I enjoy using Flash, but before getting too carried away with it it is important to understand some of its limitations. If you are interested in incorporating Flash into your Web site, please contact me to discuss your goals before expending too much time and effort on what may be a very bad idea.

Animated GIF Files

Gif animation example

GIF animations have many applications and their small file size combined with no need for special software to view the animation makes them a superior choice to Flash in many cases. Some common applications for animated gif files include: Web page headers, banner advertisements, and avitars.

Gimp logo image

Image Editing

Image editing is a pretty broad category of services. It includes things as minor as resizing and optimizing images for use on a Web site as well as color enhancement, adding watermarks to protect your valuable copyrighted images, and much much more. If you need something done with a digital image, chances are I can do it for you.


Consulting Services

For clients with existing sites, I offer consulting services to aid the site owner in determining what course of action would be most likely to produce the desired goal. This could be for any of numerous reasons including:

Custom built Computers

If you are using a store bought computer, I can almost guarantee that you are paying way too much for way too little computer. Ready to upgrade your machine, or even your whole office network at your Billings, MT home or office? Let me give you a quote on a custom built computer system before you buy somewhere else! I guarantee you will be amazed at just how much machine you can get for your money...not to mention having the peace of mind knowing your computer was hand built right here in Billings, Montana and that quick professional service is just as close if you ever need it.

Virus Removal & System Optimization

If you are using a Windows based PC in your Billings home or office, the risk of getting infected with a computer virus is extremely high. In fact, it is probably more accurate to ask when you will fall victim to a virus than if you will. I offer complete virus removal and system optimization services to both home and business users in and around the Billings, Montana area. Not only can I quickly rid most virus infected computers of all viruses, spy-ware, trojans, and other malware...but, I can do so in more than 99 percent of cases with no loss of important data. If you have a home or business computer which you suspect may be infected with a virus, give me a call today. I offer on-site service in the greater Billings area. Not only will I rid your PC of unwanted malware, but I will optimize the system to run as fast or even faster than when the PC was new! Call or email for more information on my home and business virus removal services in Billings, MT.

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Data Transfer & Backup Solutions

When the time come to replace that ageing or computer, I can come to your Billings area home or office and quickly (and safely!) move all of your important files and settings from the old computer to the new one. I can also provide a variety of solutions to backup that important data in case of a catastrophic system failure or other disaster. Whether your computer has family pictures, important business or financial data, or other information which you simply can not afford to lose, I can help you rest assured that your data is safe no matter what happens.

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