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plain black Candle Breeze candle warmer

Who doesn't enjoy the ambiance created by the scent of their favorite variety of scented candle filling their home or office? Despite the wide range of scented air fresheners available today, nothing really compares to the warm comforting scent of a candle burning in the vicinity. Unfortunately, there are many instances where the presence of an open flame is simply not an acceptable option. In the past, many people were forced to either live without the scent of their favorite candle or accept the risk of an open flame.

There is a better choice and the difference is clear. Contemporary candle warmers with whisper quiet fans to gently distribute warm pleasant fragrances quickly throughout the air in your home or office within minutes. Each high quality flameless candle warmer comes complete with a Cand-O™ wickless candle and, with more than 30 scents available, you are sure to find just the right fragrance for any taste or occasion!

Candle Breeze candle warmers & wickless scented candle refills

Aroma Splendor Butterfly logoBenefits of the Flameless Candle

The fact that our flameless Candlebreeze™ candle warmers have absolutely no open flame results in numerous advantages and makes them a perfect choice for many situtions where a normal candle would simply be too dangerous or otherwise inappropriate. Some of the benefits of our wickless scented candles include:

Aroma Splendor logo imageWhy Choose Candle Breeze™? Fluted black Candle Breeze candle warmer

Candlebreeze™ brand candle warmers from Aroma Splendor provide all of the fabulous warm room filling scent of a traditional scented candle without the associated risk of having an open flame. The patented whisper quiet fan sets this unit apart from the competition and guarantees that even the largest room will be filled with scent in only a matter of minutes.

These revolutionary design candle warmers not only give you the pleasant fragrance of your favorite candle scent without an open flame, they do it much more effectively than even more expensive units.

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